Roster Analysis Problem

I ran a roster analysis and the results showed every scout being tagged with “Scout District Issue” and every leader being tagged with “Leader District Issue” and every parent being tagged with “Parent District Issue”.

Is this something I need to fix? If yes, how do I go about fixing this issue?


It might be triggering based off of the district assigned in Scoutbook profiles. I believe that the Scoutbook Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox can bulk set this parameter, but you might have to do it in chunks (scouts, scouters, parents). I haven’t done this myself, so I’m not sure.

I found the feature… It in the edit Troop feature at the bottom it says Set Member Council and District. However, when I ran it I get the error “Processing Errors detected, unable to complete the analysis” :frowning_face:

You might try manually editing the profile of one person who has the issue. Does that work?

Problem solved. Thanks for the feedback…

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