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I have read the past messages that seems this has been going on for months! I see that it has been reported several times as well but this ain’t helping me now. I need to give an adult admin or title beyond just committee member and give them connections to all of the scouts. Yes I know that I can give connections by individual den but I shouldn’t have to. The Roster loading feature should work. I have over 150 kids and lots of adults. It would be very time consuming. I have tried microsoft edge, chrome, my phone, etc. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Did you try it today? Last night’s update said this was fixed.

Yes I have tried this morning and just now again

You might be able to work-around this way:

  • From within one of the dens, click the Add Leader button at the bottom of the den leaders list.
  • Search for your existing committee member, and add the committee member as a Den Admin.
  • That leader should now show up on that roster of den leaders. Now, click on that committee member’s name in the den roster and then on their Positions.
  • Add the Unit Admin role and remove the den admin role.

I think that should work to achieve what it sounds like you’re aiming to do.

Thank you for the information but it is a lot of work. I’ll start that. thx again

Which unit is this? How many scouts and adults do you have?

I admit, I’m a bit confused. The only added steps are adding the committee member to the den and setting them as a den admin. Once you add their Unit Admin role, it automatically creates a Full Control connection between the scouter and every scout in the unit. Am I missing something else that’s making it substantial added work?

Can you try clearing cache before trying it again?

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