RSVP email link broken


We have an RSVP set up for our end of the year picnic. Trouble is, when people click on the RSVP link that Scoutbook provides, it takes them to an page that never loads. I’ve attached screenshots. This is from a fresh session of opening my browser, opening the Scoutbook email and clicking on the link.

Please fix this. I have parents that won’t RSVP because “it never works”


Logging into Scoutbook and clicking on the calendar link for our picnic event. does the same thing. So now the calendar is broken. None of the calendar links work after being signed into Scoutbook.

@PaulThomas4 - seems to work for me… admittedly it was a slow load this morning.

When you say “seems to work for me” what are you referring to? Clicking on a RSVP link in a Scoutbook email or clicking on a calendar link?

I just retried the RSVP link in my email and that is now working. Also tried opening up scoutbook, going to my calendar and clicking on the calendar link for our picnic. Both are working.

Did somebody reboot a server or something?

I suppose we can close this as things are working once more.

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