RSVP Enhancements

As I’m sure many are aware, getting parents to RSVP to events can be a massive undertaking. Especially in a covid environment, knowing attendance ahead of an event (meeting or otherwise) is extremely important given local restrictions, etc. From this perspective, I would like to submit the following enhancement requests;

  1. Do not send reminders to RSVP to those that have already RSVPd! Repeat notifications significantly degrade any incentive to RSVP.
  2. Allow invitees to RSVP yes or no from links in the body of the reminder email or by replying with “yes” or “no”. The RSVP workflow currently is simple but it is not intuitive. Ideally RSVP should be a single click process. Perhaps enhance the scout’s profile to display all events invited to and allow or RSVP via a single click (html on/off switch).

Thank you for the consideration


These are both in the backlog. We do not know if or when they will be scheduled for implementation.


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