RSVP limit in Calendar Event

There needs to be an option to limit how many scouts can attend an event. We have fundraising events that can only have a specific amount of scouts at. Being able to limit the amount that can sign up would make things easier. Our troop wants to keep things simple and not have to use multiple applications for events and such.

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This has been previously requested. We do not know if or when the BSA will schedule it for implementation.

I noticed. I am hoping that if enough people are asking for it, they will add it. We just had to put out fires because multiple people signed their scouts up for fundraising spots when there was limited room for the kids. Even though it was mentioned in the calendar description, it was not followed. There is also no way to see who signed up first so it was a huge mess. Maybe they could team up with something like Sign Up Genius to create sign ups. Almost anything would be a step forward for what is currently offered.

In our unit, we put the signup times in the event description, then have families comment on the event with their preferred times. With this approach, you know who signed up first. As slots fill up, the event description is updated with who’s scheduled for each shift, and the event notice is resent.

Certainly not ideal, and it’s more work on whoever is managing the event in Scoutbook, but it (usually) works.


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