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RSVP Limit for events needed and RSVP deadline

We have a limit of scouts for some events, like summer camp. Once it fills up we can’t accept any more. We need a way specify that RSVP is closed on a specific date for some activities to be able to plan the event.

Limit of adults vs scouts would be great.

I know this has been requested before. I don’t know where it may be in the development queue.

Thanks, I am new on here, and still sleuthing around. I was able to find the other posts on this issue, but it doesn’t seem to have any information about a possible fix. I saw reference to a list of features for future, but I haven’t found the list yet.

I did find the api, and love it because it fixed one of my major pet peeves (starting a merit badge for our entire troop of 48 - it was driving me batty with hours of clicking, date entry and adding merit badge counselors!) So this excursion into the forum was not without benefits.

Welcome to the madhouse! :wink: Glad you could join us.

Unfortunately, the development queue is not published anywhere. Some members of the SUAC have visibility into it. However, they are generally prohibited by the BSA from much more than confirming a particular feature has been added or rejected (at least until the feature is in final testing, based on my observations from their posts).

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