RSVP notification

When someone RSVP’s to an Event, the creator of the event should be notified via email.

No thanks! We have 53 Scouts, and almost that x2 for parents. I get enough emails from Scoutbook.

If you are running an event, check your RSVP status frequently.

Set an RSVP closing date, and stick to it! When that date/time arrives, close the RSVPs! Anyone wants to sign up or withdraw from that point, they have to call whoever is running the event.

Please do not add this feature to Scoutbook! Or, if you do, please make it so the feature can be toggled on/off!

Happy Scouting

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This could easily full into the spam trap with large units and large numbers of invitees. Not sure if treading these waters would be a good idea.

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Alright, try this then: A single RSVP report will be sent to you at a designated time before the event. How about that?

On a related note, how do you guys get parents to use the RSVP system?

I’ll let you know when I manage it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Most of our parents do not. Although they are invited to each and every unit outing.

Basically, at the RSVP closing time, I mark all the Maybe’s as NO. If there is room for more on the outing, I will work the phones with Scouts and parents who are maybes. This takes time and effort.

As you do this, you will begin to see “the usual suspects.” There are those that just aren’t interested in helping their Scouts with the program. This is highly correlated with their Scout’s interest in the program.

I have some parents that won’t even answer my emails/phone calls/voicemails/texts. When special opportunities arise, they (and their Scouts) usually miss out.

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