RSVP timeouts

Please add a feature to close the RSVP window by a date/time. This will prevent scouts from RSVPing hours before an event and creating logistical problems associated with such.


I let people know that RSVPs close by X date/time and whether or not it is a firm deadline. If a firm deadline, then I also let people know that RSVPs added after X date will not be honored because of Y reason (have to purchase tickets, need to submit a final headcount to where we’re going, etc.)

Then on X date I set everyone that did not RSVP to “No” and run the RSVP report so I know who actually RSVP’d “YES” by the deadline. I also use the reminder system in the calendar to send out reminders at various intervals to sign up by X date. Some events it’s ok if we have last minute sign-ups, other events it’s not.

You can also turn off RSVPs when you’ve reached the deadline date. You can still run the RSVP report or even turn RSVPs back on if needed. Turning off RSVPs does not erase peoples’ responses.

Your other option is to not use Scoutbook for RSVPs. Google Forms lets you shut off the ability to receive responses by toggling a switch.

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