RSVP report bugs

When I open the RSVP report the Sort by option lists Den and not Patrol. When I run the report and download it the file name is Sea Scouts History. We aren’t Sea Scouts.


This has been reported to the developers. Thank you for reporting it.

Thanks! How long does it usually take to resolve issues?

The file naming issue has been fixed. Please check this.

The developers are having trouble reproducing the den/patrol sort issue.

Thanks, just checked and the naming issue is fixed. the Den option is still there for me.

How many scouts do you have in your troop? We are wondering if you could check if any of the newer scouts still have a current membership for pack (without an end date) that might be confusing it.

19 Scouts, two new Scouts back in March 2020. They look good.

edited to add, just checked all the Scouts and all are good.

I’m going to sent you a private message. Watch for the indicator on your avatar in the upper right.

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