More problems

We have several Scouts listed not assigned to den but they are and several Scouts recently removed from recent charter renewal also appearing not assigned to den. This just happened today!

Post the BSA Member IDs (no names) and someone can investigate.

I have the same problem. 18 Scouts in our pack are assigned to a den, but are also listed as “not in a den” on the pack page. I also have 5 Scouts who were dropped at recharter showing back up as “not in a den” on the pack page. Do you want me to list all of those BSA ID numbers?

Same issue with my cub pack. Some scouts and leaders (that were dropped at last year’s recharter, and in some case 2 recharters ago) are now listed, scouts that are current and in dens are listed under “scouts not in a den” - but are also listed in their correct den. I was also having issues with internet advancement today (could’t select adventures to record), and when I moved our to Scoutbook to record the advancements is when I noticed the strange roster issues.

My troop roster is not showing any of the above issues.

Same issue, had a total of like 20 scouts. I just went to membership of each one and put an end date to removed them. If you have current scouts in a den but same scouts also in not a den, make sure you put an end date on “Youth Member” option.

Please check again this morning. We have reports that similar issues were resolved overnight.

Seems to be fixed this morning. Thanks.

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