RSVP Report: Non-Troop Admins see a truncated RSVP report

Steps to reproduce:

As a Troop Admin:

  1. Create a Troop level event in the calendar.
  2. RSVP ‘Yes’ for several scout from different patrols.

As Patrol Admin who is a ‘Committee Secretary’ but not a Troop Admin:
3) Navigate to the event.
4) Run the RSVP Report.

Observed results:

The Patrol Admin + Committee Secretary can only see the members of their patrol in the RSVP report.

Expected results:

A ‘Committee Secretary’ (who has full edit rights on the event) should be able to see the full RSVP report.
In general, it should not be possible to generate a partial RSVP report.

Thanks for reporting this. I have told the developers.

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