RSVPs don't sync with Scoutbook

The RSVPs on the Scouting App are completely different from those in Scoutbook. Having two different places to RSVP is very bad, because event coordinators have to continually manually cross-reference both lists.

RSVP functionality should be shut off in the app until this is fixed.


this is a known bug that we missed in beta and is already being fixed - thanks for reporting

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Just to make sure - @JoeMcKinley - are you seeing that when RSVP are updated on Scoutbook you do not see them on the app? or are you seeing something else?

RSVPs made in the app do not show up in Scoutbook.

RSVPs made in Scoutbook do not show up in the app.

It seems like they have nothing to do with each other.

hmm - my RSVP’s in app do show in SB event with refresh - but not the other way around - I will report to the team

This is resolved in the latest release.