Regression in RSVP functionality vs. Scoutbook

I am a registered assistant scoutmaster and my son is a registered scout in my unit. In scoutbook when RSVP’ing for an even on the calendar I had the ability to RSVP separately for both me and my scout.

In the new system I only see one RSVP button and have no way to enter rsvp info separately for my son.

This is a regression in functionality. Please file a bug to the developers to get this fixed.


@JeremyHarkin - make sure in the upper right you are on the parent role and look for this

Click on the chevron to rsvp for your youth connection

I checked that, but when I RSVP for either profile I see the same response for both profiles.

@JeremyHarkin - when set as the parent in the upper right do you not see the My Youth Connections and does it not expand to show your connected youth(s) ?

Here is what it looks like on my pc

I’m having the same issue. There is no way I see to switch in the mobile view. I don’t see any way to RSVP for your scout. I’ve searched for how to do this and the only thing I’ve found is this thread.

Here are the step by steps in a mobile view. I have declined the RSVP. My 3 daughters are going.

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I’m only seeing my leadership positions. There is no option for Parent or Guardian. I am getting error messages which is probably part of the issue. I’ll just have to wait a few days to see if the error message goes away. I’m not sure this is ready for prime time.

@EricFlickinger When you scroll down, do you see my youth connections? Is there a number beside it?

What is the response you see?

Based on your screenshot I should see it in the screenshot I’ve attached, but I don’t have that option. I’ll give it a day to see if whatever error I’ve been getting clears up and maybe it will work for me.

@EricFlickinger I suspect you don’t have any parent connections. If you go to my dashboard in scoutbook, do you see your child(ren) under my family?

@Stephen_Hornak NOw I see the youth connection pull down and can set it.

I have to say that this UI is NOT intuitive, and I say that as somebody who has worked 25 years in commercial software companies.

WHen I open the proflile pulldown, no matter which of hte two profiles I select the main RSVP button I see only shows my RSVP status


Strangly, the youth connection line item under “invitees” always appears with a (1) but it only has a pull down to open it if I select the parent profile. Very confusing and non intuitive.

If I select my scoutmaster profile I see the youth connection but its not selectable:

If I select the parent profile, now the youth connection IS selectable.

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We agree that it’s not prominent/easy enough. We have passed along some suggestions to improve it but do not know what the developers will implement.

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What are you doing to change the RSVP status for your children? I have the Parent option selected and can see my Youth Connection. But it is showing him as Maybe and nothing I click on changes the status.

This is doing it on a PC. If it is working on mobile they might have a bug to fix on the PC side.

@VincentHlavinka can you click this little chevron?
Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 12.39.53 PM

I just tried it on a PC. LIke @DonovanMcNeil said, click on the chevron. What happens?

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This is happening in our troop as well. Parents can’t RSVP. I’m going to have to re-read this thread again. Still not understanding what the RSVP fix is.

It shouldn’t require all this piano-tuning to RSVP your scout.

@WayneGralian1 - ok… if the parent is also a registered leader they would need to use the profile dropdown in the upper right to select their parent profile then look below to see the My Youth Connection then expand that to see their youth. That is pictured above.

We agree. Anything suggested in this thread is a workaround until IT can get it working more efficiently.


OK, I think I understand now. In our troop, many parents have positions of some sort.