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RSVP Need to include Parents

When I RSVP I can only RSVP for the scout. However Parents need to also RSVP so we know who is going camping etc. I think this is so close to moving away from outside tools like signup genius.

Was the parent invited to the event? Only those invited can RSVP.

Yeah i tested it with my own scout. I made an event, invited my scout and me and also mom with a different account. But the scouting app only RSVP for scout.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were referring to the Scouting App (I neglected to look at the category). Did you try to RSVP from your account or your son’s account?

When I click on my son It allows me to RSVP for him. There is no option to view events let alone RSVP from the parent view.

Thanks, I’ll let the developers know.