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Saving past calendar events

Is there a way to not have SB auto purge past calendar events? Having that information to look back on is beneficial while conducting yearly planning meetings. Also seeing what scouts attended the events.


If you specifically want to save scout book calendar events, you can print it out or try using a screen shot method, and printing it out and saving it for your records. But scout book does save and store past events, you have to scroll back by hitting the << button for the month or year. You can open the event, and print it out as well with the details as if it were a new event.

Your pack secretary should be saving your history records, and minutes, which should include event information and data. If they aren’t, it can be beneficial to your pack to do so. Basic information such as the date and time of the event, and approximately how many people came and if there was a cost. This helps with annual planning meetings. If it is discussed at your committee meetings, it should be recorded in minutes and kept.

Scoutbook does not purge old events. Are you exporting your calendar with ics? I believe most calendars only import a few months prior to the current date.

If you click on the calendar, only future events appear in the list below, but past events are still there when you click the specific dates.

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