Calendar Events Erased

About 10 days ago I went into SB after our summer trips to confirm some details for our upcoming meetings. I noticed then that one of my unit calendars has virtually been wiped clean of future events that had been filled in through the end of the year. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to check “history” in the backend to see if someone erased them? The only other admin for the unit hasn’t logged into SB in about a year.

@SixSpot - what is your path to this calendar ? My personal guess is that you wil, need to look at the gear in the upper right corner of the calendar and make sure it is selected

Hi Stephen, good thought. I didn’t consider that possibility, but it is still selected to show. I can see past events and the couple I have added back onto the calendar.

@SixSpot - interesting… I just checked my calendar in scoutbook and I am seeing everything I added via the feature assistant… which reminded me I have to populate more events. I do them in stages

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