School Listing and Grade

There used to be a button to hit to advance all Scout one grade level in the School Listing? I only now see a way to update the listing for the schools but no master button to advance a grade. Has this been removed? If so is it coming back, it is so helpful to do this in mass instead of in each scouts profile.

In scoutbook, they are incremented one grade level when you advance den.

I think the option you are thinking of was part of the feature assistant extension but is no longer available there since the UI no longer has a way to update grade.

So there is no way to increase the grade in a Scout BSA Troop?

The BSA usually does an automatic grade rollover somewhere around June 10th.

Does that change show up in scoutbook? Other posts led me to believe it only affected ScoutNET and Akela.

It looks like the grade has been incremented in the Scout’s profile but not changed in Scoutbook.

Roster Builder is using an old version of the grade from SB as one of the Scout’s in my troop has Grade 12 in his profile but Roster Builder says Grade 3. We will report this to the developers.

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The grades for our scouts BSA troop have recently been upgraded. However, I have never been able to add their schools as they do not appear on the available. list.

Unfortunately, the school is now only listed in the user profile, either at my.scouting or at IA2. I haven’t found a way to set/update it in bulk since the profiles were moved.

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