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School info not on roster?

I don’t see the grade or school info as an option in the roster when I am selecting all the options. Shouldn’t it be there?

The Youth Application includes grade and school information.

Hi, @Carolyn_S,

I’m not aware of any Scoutbook/Feature Assistant report that returns school information (grade/school). I think I may have asked about this several years ago (possibly even pre-BSA purchasing of Scoutbook), and adding it to the report options was on the backlog.

Is the data actually entered in the scouts’ accounts? Many of mine don’t reflect any school or grade information, or it’s wildly out of date. I’m not sure that data is entered by all registrars, nor that Scoutbook necessarily pulls it even if it is.

If I were trying to audit this data, I would use the Export/Backup function from My Dashboard -> My Units -> Export/Backup. I know it’s included there.

I thought it was there too - OK here is the issue with that. The BSA rolls ALL scouts up a grade around June 13 every year in their membership database. I don’t think that data comes in with Member Update to update Scoutbook. Pretty sure it does not come in looking at my son. On School it gets down to registrars entering it or SB admins entering it and keeping it up to date.

That being said - the elements of roster reporting are soon to be worked on and new fields will be added

Does the Internet Rechartering process include updating the “school” field?

What if a Scout advances two grades or not at all in school. How is BSA membership system corrected?

no idea that is what my membership person in for

Units can correct this information at recharter time. Or they can ask the council Registrar to correct it at any time.

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