Grades populating from Council interface into SB

Would be very helpful for grades to populate into Scoutbook from the council registration interface so that Scouts can be put into their proper Dens without having to ask parents or track down paper app.

I don’t know if school grade is captured anywhere in the enrollment paperwork. Also, that assumes that you only have one Den per grade, which isn’t always the case.

But, good idea if we’re capturing the data.

I just looked at a paper application as well as one that I received online. Both collect the grade of the scout applying.

In my Troop, when we start our regular weekly meetings back up in the fall, I have the scouts & parents update their information, including grade, so I can make sure that Scoutbook is correct. Most of the parents (and scouts) do not actively use Scoutbook despite my pleadings to do so. That means if contact info or grade is inaccurate, it doesn’t get updated unless I manually do it.

I don’t know why so many of my parents refuse to even log in to update their contact info or why they refuse to let their scouts have their own account for requirement tracking and contacting scouts/adult leaders via emails.

As noted, the grade is captured on the paper application and according to our Council registrar, it is entered into the “National” system. I’m not advocating that SB places them in the Den, but having the grade display would help with making sure that they can be quickly manually placed appropriately.

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What SUAC recalls on this is when Member Update was being developed we debated pushing grades but decided it would get too messy too quick. On June 1 (or there abouts) Council or National rolls up all grades for all Scouts without any knowledge. In Scoutbook the Advance Den Feature does the same. So we did not want the systems fighting each other so just left it off. In Cubs you can tell alot just from registration - Lion Member, Tiger Member, WOLF/Bear you have to ask, Webelos member

Thanks for your response. It seems, however, that the stands wouldn’t be “fighting” each other by accepting an initial value at the time of registration input. The functionality you described would still work as intended as Scouts roll up in the summer. Also, when Cubs show up in SB, they don’t show as the appropriate rank (Tiger, Wolf, etc.). So without this functionality, we need to go back to the paper forms, which we don’t always have access to if a Scout signs up at a District run recruitment night, or we need to consult with a parent to get the information. This is obviously not a showstopper, but having the functionality would eliminate a step for volunteers.

Latest national programs page is showing grades for Cub Scouting and ages ranges for other programs.

A grade report is also need in all programs for special Scouts that are learning disabled.

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