SCO_481 - Scouting Organization doesn't work

Hello All,

I have an issue accessing Scouting Organization training. When I click on the course, it shows blank page. It doesn’t load the video. Waited for a while and refreshed the page nothing happens.

Any suggestions/thought?


What browser are you using. Most likely it is your monitor Scaling/Zooming - set it to 100%.

I’m having the same issue. I think there’s something wrong with the course.

This was noted in another thread and it is indeed void of content. Scaling does nothing more than show more white space

@DonovanMcNeil No response even on other browsers. Tried on Safari, and Chrome.

It never loads - I reported to someone in that department

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This has been fixed by developers

Yes, it works. Thank you so much.

Module was reloaded yesterday morning and is now working on the LMS

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