Scout got removed from Scoutbook when removed from Patrol

I am the admin for Scoutbook for our troop and was removing our scouts from last year’s patrols, with the intention of adding this year’s patrol (names), and reassigning the scouts to their new patrol. When I did this for one of our scouts, he was removed from Scoutbook (as far as I can tell). How can I get him “reinstated” into our troop in Scoutbook?

When moving between patrols you should always use the reassign feature within the patrol.

Go to My Account > My Connections - see if you see scout there and then you can fix membership

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@TimJanish - bookmark this

When using the Reassign Scout feature, you must create the “new” patrols first, then you can use the Reassign Scout feature, as described in the Scoutbook knowledge base article to which @Stephen_Hornak linked.

Adding patrol first - got it. Next year…

The scout in question is NOT new to our troop. Is an active member…

I am able to see the scout in My Connections but he does not show up in our troop roster. I did observe that it appears that he is not in our troop (Troop 208 B) as the other scouts are. He is missing that detail in the list. I went into his profile and added District D, but despite saving it, it does not stick. It looks that somehow removing him from the patrol removed him from the troop. Can you help me re-asssociate him with the troop?

Scout is HAIN, AJ, Troop 208B


Tim Janish

@TimJanish - look at the scout membership section

Not quite sure what you mean by “He is missing that detail in the list”. The scout should show a your unit under Previous Memberships in his Memberships when you click on his name from your connections. Click on that previous membership, remove the end date, approve the membership, then save.

@TimJanish go to a past troop membership and clear the end date - or make a new membership for the troop for the scout

That did the trick. Thank you!!


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