Scout has two Scoutbook user ID's

We have a Scout that has two Scoutbook user Id’s. Scoutbook user ID 13143629 and 2394114. Can these be merged, Thank you.

@CD32 check these numbers again for me please

sorry about that 13143692 and 2394114.

@CD32 ok that should be fixed

Can someone help me merge a duplicate of (name removed) BSA ID 136618312 vs 133844124

@MichaelDockery1 that is fixed

Hi Donavan, can you help me fix an adult account that has 2 ID’s She has tried to merge them previously and our council could not do it. BSA ID’s are 12671492 & 11950418. Thanks Andy Troop 1909 Committee Chair

@AndrewMickelson that is fixed

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Thank you Donovan, this is a huge help!

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