Scout in Den Missing from Quick Entry


I have a Scout that I am connected tom that is in my den, where I am listed as den leader, den admin, and Pack admin. When I try to use quick entry, he disappears. This happened with a few other Scouts but fixed itself after a few days. All the Scouts are new to our unit.

I think I must not have a setting right, is there something else I need to do to get them fully accessible when in quick entry?

Edit: parent has not connected, could that do it?

you need to make sure their memberships are approved

How do I do that? They are approved in my.Scouting.


sorry @Yddeyma - go to Scoutbook memberships and make sure the Approve toggle is on at the bottom so thy have a green shield

Everyone has a green shield. Just resent parent connection email. She logged in and now it works. The kid was already green. I think their parent had to connect or quick entry won’t work. Weird. Because I could still enter advancements individually.

The parents do not have to have logged in for QE to work. That sounds like a coincidence.

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