Missing “enter adventures” option

I have a den leader in our pack that does not have the “enter adventures” option when she goes to “quick entry”. She has “full control” for everyone in the den. When she goes to quick entry, she does see the option for “enter rank req.”, and she can enter these, just doesn’t see “enter adventures”. I’m not really sure what else to check. Any ideas?

Post a BSA # for leader so we can give you any insight.

14376040 is her bsa Id


Your den leader had 2 positions in the pack, one with a den and one without. This may have confused the system. I closed the one without a den. Please have her try again and let us know if it works.

She is also missing the Den Admin role that should be there. Have an admin add the role for her. I am unable to do this.

Also make sure they are accessing the quick entry from the den page and not the pack page.

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