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Scout Removed from Roster by Mistake

i removed a cub from our roster today who’s name was entered incorrectly. so i just gave him an end date. come to find out its a new boy in our unit.
can i reinstate that scout and change his name? i havent been able to locate any scouts who i have assigned end dates (aol).

Look under my dashboard > administration> my account > my connections.

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I’m not seeing the scout I ended membership on in my connections. What can I do?

Are there any other Admins or parents who were connected to the Scout? If so, have them check:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections

If that doesn’t work, please send an e-mail to:

Include as much identifying information as you can (Scout’s full name, BSA ID # if known, unit number, council name) and ask them to move the Scout back into your unit.

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Thank you, I will check with the other admins.

I’m a little confused also…I was trying to move the AOL scout (and 3 others) into our troop and the instructions said to end the current membership to add a new membership. That is when he disappeared. How do I prevent this on with the other scouts.

The easiest way is to wait and the member update will do it automatically once your council processes the Scout’s transfer application.

However, if you know any of the Troop Admins, you could add them as a connection to the Scout first. Then a Troop Admin can change the Scout’s Membership to the troop or you can try to change the membership.

Nothing has updated and I have no idea when the application will be processed. I have key three access and full control/access to both Pack and Troop.

Can you please just re-add this scout to the Pack for now. Name is JJ Wilson Pack 763 in Silver Spring/Aspen Hill MD. I can’t give you his birthdate of scout ID number because they went into the black hole the JJ’s profile went into.

Florence - is that scout NOT in your connections when you go to your account.

He is no where to be found. I ended his membership in the pack as instructed but must have hit save before I was able to start his membership in the troop. Now we cannot see him.

I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you. I didn’t get any notification that my request had a reply.

Please go to dashboard > administration > my account > my connections and look there.

Hi, @FlorenceWeiner,

If you’re unable to locate the scout following the process that @Stephen_Hornak is outlining, I’ve had success just meeting with the parents and having one of them connect the scout to me in Scoutbook so that I could complete the transfer.

He’s not in my connections or other admins in the troop or pack. I’ll check with his dad

@FlorenceWeiner If a parent is connected to the Scout, another option is for the parent to go to the Scout’s Membership page and add the troop membership. Once this happens, the Scout will appear on the Troop Roster page, and a Troop Admin can approve the Scout’s current membership with the troop.

If a parent is not connected to the Scout, then please send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support at:

And include as much identifying information as you can (Scout’s full name, BSA ID # if known, unit #, council name) and request that they move the Scout back into your troop.

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Florence - if you ONLY placed an end date on the scout membership but DID NOT remove connections I can within 99% assure you that the scout is still listed as a connection to unit admins and if you are a unit admin then yourself as well. I would be willing to do a screen share to take a look. Please email me at and we can give it a try.

@FlorenceWeiner, you can get the Scout’s BSA # from Member Manager (part of My.Scouting), along with the birth month and day.

You are in NCAC as am I. I do not know your District Exec, but I can tell you that mine submits apps every Monday when he is up in Bethesda for staff Meetings, and they show up on my roster by Friday. If the Scout does not show up in Member Manager 14 days after you give the DE the app, send them a reminder to find out if there is a problem. As of June 19th, your Troop only has 1 defective app (from January), no others.

@FlorenceWeiner - my offer to assist stands so if you wish you can email as I am now at work.

Thank you one and all.

I was finally able to get in touch with the Scouts father and he has added his scout to the troop re-established the connections with us all as of this afternoon.

I appreciate all your help!

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@FlorenceWeiner - glad to hear it has been worked out. But normally if you just end a membership the connections remain.

I think the issue was that I ended the pack membership and then clicked “save” before starting the troop membership.

I spend all day clicking save on things I’m working on and I apparently should not done that in scoutbook.

I added the scouts father as an admin previously and when he accepted the invite he was able to start the scouts membership with the troop.

Believe me…next time I will NOT click save before setting up the next membership.