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Scout Missing from Troop Roster in Scoutbook

Hello - I have a Scout in our Troop who has been active for two years. We started using Scoutbook this year, and I am in the process of updating all their awards. One of our Scouts vanished from the roster this week.

I can still see him in My Account > My Connections. However, whereas all the other boys have their name in a banner at the top when I click into them, this Scout lists another member’s name at the top, and he is no longer synched with the District. Help, please?


@ErinPerry_Schreier - that scout is listed in member manager in my.scouting ? When you click into the scout from your connections what do you see? If you see a membership line can you click in there to see if there is a current membership?

Hi, Stephen - when I click into the scout from my connections I see a very abbreviated version of the profile, with the wrong name at the top and no rank or advancement info:

In his membership line I see “No current membership data entered.” Does he need to fill out another application? We do have a copy of his membership card and BSA number, valid through the end of 2019.


Click on William’s membership. Click on the most recent past membership on your unit. Does it say anything in the notes? What’s the end date on that membership?

It lists his Webelo membership, but the dates are only 9/2017 - 12/2017, which is also incorrect (he’s been with the Pack/Troop all along since at least 9/2017).

William was in our Scoutbook troop roster with all his advancements when I started managing the troop in Scoutbook at the start of this month. I printed out his advancement report to share with his family at a meeting, then later when I went back in to update him with camp badges earned, he was like this.

Is the bsa member number in that profile the same as the bsa member number on member manager?

When did he cross over from the pack to troop?

He crossed over in Spring 2018. He achieved Scout with the Troop in January 2019 and Tenderfoot in May 2019. His records were kept in Trooptrack, so I have all of his info - just can’t get him to come back into Scoutbook.

I have a copy of his BSA membership card, but am not sure how to access the “member manager.” The number in his Scoutbook profile is the same as his card, and is in a field that I cannot change (blue-shaded), if that helps.

If you are a key 3 or key 3 delegate, log into, click menu > the troop number > member manager. That’s the only way to know for sure if they are currently registered and with what number.

Thank you. I’m turning this over to our Scoutmaster to check into. I’m the Advancement Chair, but don’t have that level of insight.

Are you able to go to William’s Membership page and add a new current membership with your troop? You should be able to do this while your Scoutmaster or Committee Chair checks the Member Manager at to make sure he’s properly registered with the troop.

I tried this, but received an error message that his BSA number was already in use, and that instead I should connect to him. But I’m already connected to him.

I think a key indicator of this being a glitch is the fact that his profile banner lists a fellow Scout’s name instead of his own. Might be that he was caught in a wormhole… at this point I’d believe anything. Our committee chair is going to call district and see what they know about his application, and we’ll go from there, I guess. Thank you!

That is unrelated. That dropdown displays scouts in your unit that you can quickly navigate to. Since this scout isn’t on your Scoutbook roster, he isn’t in the drop down list.

Your Committee Chair should be able to log in at and check the Member Manager to see if the Scout is listed there.

On your Troop Roster page, Troop Admins have a button to “Transfer in Scout” to transfer a Scout into the unit. Can you try using that to move the Scout back into your troop?

if It turns out the scout is registered with a different bsa member number, she’ll also want to pull that one in. But then at least she’d have full view of both to know if both have advancement on them.

@JenniferOlinger Yes, I tried to transfer him when we noticed he was missing. I entered the BSA number on his card and received a message saying “We cannot find a matching Scout.”

@jacobfetzer Ahh, okay. That makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification!

For the one you see in your connections, if you click edit profile, is there a bsa member number populated?

Yes. It matches the BSA number on his card.