Scout on my.scouting roster but not on Scoutbook Roster

Howdy from Texas…
I have a scout below who is listed in our roster on my.scouting but is not appearing in our roster on Scoutbook. This is causing me an error generating advancement award reports for the scout shop. I confirmed this by editing the report to remove his pending awards and then I could generate the report. Error message was “Unable to find the user for the given userid”. This was confirmed a 2nd way by trying generate a report with only 1 award which was his.

Scout has initials NZM and BSA id 130877994.
Cory Bowes
Troop 753 Advancement Chair

He is on the troop roster, but for some reason he wasn’t connected to any Troop Admins.

I have reset your Troop Admin role and requested a position sync for the Scout.

Thanks a bunch. It is fixed already and the report with that scout’s awards generated normally.

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