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Scout progress/advancement report audit

As we’re getting into the 2nd half of the year, I’m looking through all my written notes and Scoutbook records of which of my Cub Scouts have partially completed advancements so that we can finish them off and they can receive their belt loops. The History Report basically only shows pass/fail – either they finished all the requirements or they didn’t. If I look at an individual Scout’s advancement, it’ll show me a percentage completion, but not which sub-requirements are still needed. So it means going down into each Scout’s individual belt loop to see what they have completed. It’s very time-consuming.

I would like a report that shows all (or a selected list) of the belt loops sub-items for a Scout(s) and a check or X on the sub-items they have completed and a blank for the ones they have not.

EDIT: Adding the steps to the Solution to help others.
For my particular need, I did:
Scoutbook --> My Dashboard --> Reports Menu --> Report Builder Manager
(takes you to a new page)
New Cub Scout Report
I checked all members of my Wolf den on the left; on the right I checked Wolf Badge, Show % Complete, Show Dates, Show Requirement Descriptions, Show Adventure Requirements

Back at the top, click Run

You can go to Report Builder > New Pack Report > and build what you want there

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Oh, thank you, this is great. Should I delete my question?

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no - it helps others find the answer too


I would also check auto-select new scout’s according to “all” checkboxes and save it.

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