Cub Scout Advancement Report jumbled

I’m trying to run Cub Scout Advancement reports, but instead of showing the requirements for each year, when one advancement is earned at a lower year, it will show that advancement under all future years too.
For example, for a Lion cub, it lists the lion requirements under Lion, and then again under Tiger, and again under Wolf, etc.
So the report shows that the scout is complete with requirements all the way through Arrow of Light, but those requirements listed are from the same as when they’re a Lion.

It gets more confusing for an older scout, where that overwriting from younger years gets jumbled with actual advancements earned in later years, so the later years become a mix of advancements.

The report is unusable.

Which report are you using? If report builder, can you provide exactly which options are selected?

There is a built-in report called “Cub Scout History Report” that can be accessed from the Den page or from Individual scout pages. I don’t think it is build in the Report Builder, nor do I think there are any options available for changing.
But whether I run the report for a whole Den or for an Individual Scout, it jumbles up the data.
For example, a scout who is only a Lion and who has earned two belt loops will have those two belt loops listed as complete under the Lion section, but those same two belt loops will also be listed under Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos, all marked as complete. But this makes no sense, because those belt loops shouldn’t even exist at the higher ranks. So it looks very confusing to a Lion scout who should only have a couple of items marked as complete, to see the whole report filled in with repetitive info.
For older cub scouts like a Bear, it shows the correct advancements for Tiger, Wolf, and Bear, but then Webelos is populated with belt loops that were earned in those earlier ranks.
This link shows a sample report for a Den, with redacted contact info.

If you look at Page 1 under Webelos and Arrow of Light, you’ll see that the Bear requirements are listed and shown completed. This report is for a Bear den, so all of the Webelos and Arrow of Light requirements should show un-earned (and shouldn’t list Bear items).

I noticed that this week too. Across several dens - I just figured it was my error. Maybe they didn’t even notice it happened yet.

I figured that was likely the case (new bug, maybe not yet noticed nor reported) because I use this report frequently.
I’m new to these forums, though… Will somebody notice this thread and make a fix, or is there a better process to report a bug?

It’s been noticed. @jacobfetzer is part of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council. They are the go-betweens from users like us and BSA IT.

I’m not seeing that behavior with my scout, who is a Lion. Could you provide the full URL of the report?

Hi Jacob - This link shows a report for two of my Lions.

Page 1 exhibits the behavior for the first scout.
Page 3, showing the second scout, shows the behavior, but it’s not as clear because this scout accidentally has the Council Fire Wolf elective awarded, and that’s the one that appears on all the other ranks.

This is probably a good hint… the reports for my OWN two children work as expected. In the first Sample Report that I shared, pages 2-3 are my own son, and his report is the only one of the twelve pages that isn’t showing the messed up behavior.

So maybe it’s somehow permissions based.

@jacobfetzer is looking for the URL in Scoutbook of the jumbled report, rather than the PDF report saved to another location. SUAC can use the original link to investigate the behavior, whereas the PDF exported to another site just displays the symptoms.

Direct links here:

@jacobfetzer - were those links helpful? was there anything else you needed?

Now that I’ve looked closer, it does seem like maybe it’s somehow related to permissions. My two kids (where I’m also the parent) are the only two kids in the pack that don’t have the problem.

I believe it was helpful. Although, I don’t know when the developers will have a solution in place.

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