Scout receives login error, "account does not exist"

I have a new scout who has set up his Scoutbook account but can no longer log in. He keeps getting the message that the account does not exist even though he says it does. His parent can see him through his parent Scoutbook page but the scout can not log in with his own credentials. He has tried forget password with no luck. How do we fix this?

Please provide the scout’s bsa member number (no names). We can look into it.

BSA member # 14408862, thank u


Is he trying to log in with his ID which is firstname.lastname? I have checked the DB and everything looks correct.

I just checked in with the family, looks like they tried again this morning and he was granted access. So, whatever the issue was has been resolved. Thank you for looking into it.

What is “DB”?


@Bill_W - there really is no need to interject extraneous links or references.

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