Scout showing in Den but on his individual page is not in den

I have a scout in my Webelos den who I can see in the den page when looking at the list of webelos scouts. When you click on his individual profile, it says he’s in a bear den. I can add completed advacements for him when I use the quick add for the entire den. However, when I click on him, it does not show Webelos under his advancements page.

This scout was in our pack as a Wolf, moved out of state and completed his Bear rank with another pack. He moved back to our pack over the summer into the Webelos den. I believe that when he was transferred back, he wasn’t ranked up before moving him into the den. I haven’t been able to fix the issue on my own. I’ve asked two people at Council and they are stumped as well. Any advice or help available?

SB ID: 11589089 initials S S

@SaraGoodner - for that scout… go to the scout’s page in scoutbook then membership…but it looks like Jen will do this better than me


What do you see when you go to:

[Scout]'s Membership

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He still had an open membership in a Bear den in his old pack. Scoutbook does not work properly when a Scout is in 2 different den levels. I have ended the Bear membership. Please try again.

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Oh my gosh! THANK YOU TO ALL THREE OF YOU! This has been giving me such a headache. Not only is it fixed but you all responded back so fast!

I have also asked Council for help on merging duplicate parent accounts in our Troop. I’m assuming they are backed up with recharter but if you’re able to help with these, I could send them to you as well. :laughing:


We can help with merging dup parent accounts. It is best if you put them in a new thread.

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