Training Records Issue w/ Scouts

When looking at training records online, my two sons/scouts have records of taking several adult trainings that look to coincide with training I completed. It almost looks like at one point my training records got duplicated on their accounts.

How can one go about getting these cleaned up to only show training they have completed as a youth?

talk to council @JeremyGinsberg

I have and they said they are unable to resolve and to reach out here…

they can clear training - or they can put in a national ticket @JeremyGinsberg

Anyone I can speak to directly at National to resolve since the local Council does not seem to know how to resolve? My Council is also very under staffed at the moment and much of the tenure is no longer with the Council.

National unfortunately no longer has volunteer-facing support staff. Everything has to run through council to get to national, unless it’s something the volunteers here from SUAC can assist with.

@JeremyGinsberg talk to someone at National ROFL - @GaryFeutz this is your council - can you help Jeremy clear some trainings

Why I am asking here :wink:

yeah it is almost like your council switched the MID for Ben - it is not hurting him - council said they could not do it cause it is a lot of keystrokes I imagine - let @GaryFeutz look at it

It is actually both my sons… Micah and Benjamin. Hey @GaryFeutz , any assistance is always appreciated! They both should only have Den Chief and Micah should have in addition National Youth Leadership Training & Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops. The other records can all be removed.

Micah just has 3 youth trainings and that is all

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 4.16.43 PM

When I check in my.Scouting, I see 7 pages worth for Micah…

@JeremyGinsberg I don’t have the capability to change training in the system. And given Darla is out and we are in the middle of recharter, I doubt we can address this in the near term.

If the ILST modules 1 and 2 were completed online there should be 6 online course (SCO) completion records for ILST listed.

Was any of the Den Chief training and NYLT taken online?

@JeremyGinsberg I have found a clue or 2 - but unfortunately there is no way to clear it in mass. It is gonna be a ton of clicks for council IF they want it cleared. The odd thing for Micah if you search My Scouting it does not show there - so I can’t imagine why you see it

Thanks for all the chatter and research here.

For both boys, guess I am still just confused about how they have inherited my activities in their profiles and such. Especially with all the concerns with YPT and the fact that one of my kids shows he took it as young as 6 years old… :man_facepalming:t2:

As an aside since there was some comment about online vs classroom… All of the training both my Scouts have completed have all been classroom with no online component. They were all logged directly into the Training Manager via. my.Scouting.

Regarding Micah, this is odd for sure. I see what you see @DonovanMcNeil, the right list shows up in BSA Training Validation but the longer list of completions that is very much inaccurate shows in Training Manager via. my.Scouting. What is even more interesting is that if you look at the screenshot again, says he has never taken YPT but the record is right there. In addition, if I click the Member Training Report, it only shows the three courses he should have a record of. Think there is a bug and if someone could look into it, that would be great.

Regarding Benjamin, looks like there just needs to be some cleanup.

It looks like all of the MIDs got used on our My.Scouting Account at one point - no idea how a user or even council could do that - so that would have made the trainings merge - Devs are looking at it and audit info

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