Troop Recognition Report

When I run the Troop Recognition Report NYLT training doesn’t show up for one of our Scouts.

This is at the bottom of the page. (Training is not an “Award.” All Training is shown within the date range regardless of other options. Only Wood Badge is shown for adults).

Is NYLT entered in for the Scout? What is BSA #?

BSA # 131288274

Yes, the training is entered.

Can you provide a screen shot of just the training section? And the date range includes 5/15/22?

There is no training section in the Troop Recognition report

Does the report cover the date of NYLT?

@edavignon Yes, 12/21/2021 (the date of our last COH) to 6/24/2022

The report seems to be including ILST, but excluding NYLT.

(file removed by Moderator)
@edavignon Here is the report

@JenniferOlinger @edavignon @DonovanMcNeil Not sure why the PDF was removed, I had blacked out all the names.

@CD32 I removed it because anyone can download the file, click on the black marks and delete them in order to see the names.

I did keep a copy, though, so we can provide it to the developers.

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Wow, good to know. thanks

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You would have to use a full pdf editor to “redact” the names. Then they would be unretrievable.

You can also use an image capture and erase (as opposed to overwriting) the image data there.

Something is up. Training wise, all I had show up was YPT for one scout who took it for camp staff.

I made the date range from the start of our troop. It is missing all ISLTs (4-5 entered in my.scouting) and all NYLTs (2 entered in my.scouting).

I have asked the developers to check the recognition report for Scout training.

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