How do I view Scouts training

How do I post and view Scouts training such as NYLT looks like it changed?

Key 3 can go to > Unit > Training Manager > Find / Add

yes found that when I generate report it only shows a couple Scouts all the Scouts over the last couple years aren’t showing up.

It only shows active memberships if that is what you are saying

No all Scouts current doesn’t show there NYLT when I generate report and I know I entered them in over the years into Scoutbook. Why do they keep changing things making it harder to navigate?

@LeonDemers - there was never a direct push/pull link to training in scoutbook. Training at that time was officially recorded in scoutnet at that time and now.

So all the Scouts that took NYLT over the years that were put in scoutbook have not gotten credit for it?

@LeonDemers - if only entered in scoutbook then correct

Does council have a list who took NYLT.

@LeonDemers - if taken in-council it is possible. I would always provide a list to the registrar after each completion.

Many councils enter that themself in training - if not there maybe they have a list

I always entered into scoutbook I was always able to view and when I generated report for scouts it was on there.

Would this be a question for Karen Calottie

If that’s the training chair in your council or district, that sounds like as good a place as any to start.

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