Unable to see any advancements

My troop used scoutbook most of the time I was in it, and in February I turned 18. March was my Eagle Board and I earned it. Now its July, and we are trying to have the ceremony, but nobody can see my scoutbook account, and when I log in it shows none of my advancements. I did rejoin as a leader, and it has my training and clearances saved, but none of my advancement. Any attempt to use internet advancement tells me I do not have permission. Is there any way to access my advancement so I can send the information to the man organizing the awards? I cannot generate any personal reports either.

once out of a unit advancements are hidden - you can go to Base Dashboard > Reports > Scout History > Enter BSA # and last name and get a history report

I have gotten to reports, but cannot find the scout history button. I am at my dashboard, and went to reports menu. From there I cannot find where to get to the prompt for entering the BSA#

you might have to be an admin to see it now - cannot recall - but someone in unit should be able to pull it up that way

if you click my account > then reports do you see it?


I sent you a private message. Click on the blue circle with white J in the upper right corner of your forum window.

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