Scoutbook Account went blank

Hello Scoutbookers!

I could really use your help. All of the sudden my Pack and kids are all missing, almost like it’s a completely blank account. Other relevant information - I have dual registrations in two separate councils. Last week I logged into my.scouting and my profile was switched to my non-primary registration. I didn’t do it and I have no clue how it happened. I quickly switched it back, but since then my Scoutbook has been like this. I’m assuming they are related.

Primary Member ID: 1384191 (that my scoutbook should be tied to)

Non-Primary Member ID: 8070129

Please advise if you can help or what I should do.


@ScottH will take a look

@ScottH it all seems good - I merged your SB Users so you should be set to keep using the Sign in with Google

And just like that, everything is back and right in the world. Thank you so much!

Did not make sense - it looked on backside like you were good? Glad I helped?

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