Scoutbook Blank

Hello! I’m looking for a little help. This scenario happened to me one other time. I am dual registered in two separate Councils. I re-upped my membership in the non-primary Council and somehow it messed up my Scoutbook.

Primary Member ID: 1384191 (that my scoutbook should be tied to)
Non-Primary Member ID: 8070129

I believe the last time they were able to merge the two accounts or something like that.


The SUAC folks may be able to help reset things, but the issue will continue to recur whenever you renew in the different councils. Scoutbook is only structured to have a single BSA Member ID associated with a given person/account.

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@ScottH - why in the world would you want to be registered in multiple councils

The primary council is where I live and am a unit leader with my kids. The non-primary council is where I grew up and still am involved with alumni relations, FOS, OA lodge and camp support, etc. It’s only an hour 20 away, so I can keep connected with things. Am I glutton for punishment? Probably. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ScottH - well scoutbook punishment anyway… the multiple id thing will be an issue over and over again… just wait until recharter time

I am looking into this

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I have merged them again.

FIXED! You rock @jacobfetzer. Thank you for the help!

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Make sure before you log in to Scoutbook your primary MD in is correct otherwise you will generate a new SB ID when you log in.

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