Scoutbook activity reports for camping and service

Can a feature be added in Scoutbook and future Handbooks to help leaders track progress towards advancement and awards better? Specifically, to delineate tent camping from cabin camping, conservation service projects from other service projects, and hiking from other activities (e.g. snowshoeing, XC skiing, Skating, horseback riding, skating, boating, sailing, aquatic activities) in the Scoutbook reports module. The aggregation of these in the Scout Handbook logs and Scoutbook make it difficult to track progress separately for rank advancement, MBs, and other awards (National Outdoors Award).

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Added log types have previously been requested, but where they are in the backlog hasn’t been discussed by BSA IT.

You can already tag service hours as Conservation-related (and filter by that parameter).

I suggest tagging camping nights that don’t qualify (e.g. cabin nights) with some sort of leading flag (e.g. “C-”) before the name. It still requires some manual accounting, but it’s easier than checking every entry.

I’ve logged riding and aquatic activities as comments directly in the requirements for the award/badge (e.g. Cycling MB) so that the MBC (or unit leader or scout) can see it directly. I similarly recommend doing so to scouts who are connected to their Scoutbook accounts.


I prefix every campout with Cabin:, Tent: etc. This allows me to easily determine if the campout qualifies for rank or the Camping Merit Badge.



Thanks for the tip.


Since we are giving tips, we just append to cabin campouts “(cabin)“ and all others are tent campouts.

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