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Would like to see an option in the camping log for cabin vs tent

As a troop we do a lot of camping most of which is tenting but we do several times do a trip where we sleep in a cabin such as winter camp. In addition, we are fortunate enough to have a cabin of our own that we frequent several times a year where some boys sleep in the cabin and some pitch a tent.

Currently we count these all as “camping trips” and record them in the camping log however as we all know there are several requirements for ranks/awards/merit badges where “sleeping in a tent you pitched” is part of the requirement.

Since the camping log is indiscriminate we have been noting “slept in cabin” in the camping log notes, but that doesn’t stop the reports from simply listing all nights camped.

It would be great if there were a check box/flag/slider in the camping log to designate a cabin trip or “slept in cabin/indoors” or something to that effect so that when running camping log reports those nights would be differentiated. You could have total camping nights listed and then total tent camping nights separate.

There are ongoing discussions with the developers on how to rework the logs. In the meantime, I add Tent, Canbin, etc in the title of each entry so I can quickly identify them.

The same goes for bike hike vs foot hike. For now we will Mark it bike and record at a 2:1 ratio.

Agree. If possible I’d like to add more to this:

Our Troop keeps track of:
Backpacking Miles & Hiking Miles
Service Hours & Conservation Hours
Camping Nights & Cabin Camping Nights
Would also like to see Cycling Miles and Canoe/Kayak (Paddling?) miles

It would be great to be able to track all of these in Scoutbook.

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Matthew, why do you use a 2:1 ratio (just curious)?

At least second class requirement 3b has “take a 5 mile hike (or 10 mile by bike)”. I think I have seen it before where advancement treats a bike hike mile has a 0.5 hiked mile.

OK, thanks. We just track them as cycling miles (or whatever), because the NOA awards track them both as “miles”, but the NOA badge for Hiking and Riding are separate.

OK. Since Scoutbook doesn’t have cycling miles, my 2:1 was a “work around”.

OK, I was just wondering.