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What is the best way to track attendance on Scoutbook?

So far I have only been adding “INVITEES” to troop meetings, camp outs, hikes and service projects. I go back after any activity to save attendance. There are other items that I add to the calendar which do not count towards attendance records, thus no invitees.

However when I access the Scouting App I notice that pariticpation still accounts for activities that did not include invitees. Should I be categorizing these items differently?

Could you clarify the distinction that you are making? An invitee is the term used in the event for anyone who was invited. To me that is synonymous with adding someone to the event.

Correct. However attendance can only be collected and/or saved on Scoutbook if you have added attendees to your calendar events.

If you have not included attendees to the calendar event, attendance cannot be collected or saved on Scoutbook.

After checking the Scouting app, there is no way to exclude the “non-invitee” event from counting towards recorded participation.

You’re talking about where it says “my monthly involvement”?

In Scouting App Im referring to Events > Upcoming/Participation/Missed Out > MIssed Out.

Missed Out includes calendar events that were added to Scoutbook but did not include invitees in its event creation.

Thanks for pointing this out. The developers have been alerted.

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The calendar should still show the events that you have not been invited to. Sometimes you are not invited simply because it is not meant to count towards attendance, but you should still be aware of the event

SarahLeal_Mendez - you are correct and we are working to resolve this and already have a bug entered. Right now this is showing every event even if the scout was not invited/or historical events that they may not have been around for. We are correcting this.

@JoeMcKinley - we are only showing events you have been invited to int he app. If someone should be aware then we need to rethink the calendar as my personal calendar or work calendar does not show events unless you are invited. I think this confuses folks - we can discuss with the User advisory group and see how we should move forward. Thanks!