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Mistakenly added a years worth of pre-planned events. Need to mass delete them all

While stumbling around Scoutbook attempting to learn how to use it and in doing so I managed to import a bunch of pre-planned meetings into our den’s calendar.

This is not what I intended to do and I’m unable to figure out how to delete even a single event.

They were created/imported while using the den leader beta version through my web browser. I’d appreciate any help that can be given.

All you can do is go to dens calendar in Scoutbook and click the HIDE DLE EVENTS button

Thank you for the help. I’ve managed to do that. DLE = den leader experience? If I want to create a calendar event in the future, I’m guessing it’s best to do so through the android app or regular web browser interface?

By the “android app” are you referring to the Scouting mobile app? The Scouting mobile app is only for parents and Scouts. It does not have any tools for leaders.

If you want to add events to the calendar, we recommend that you use your browser to navigate to can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or desktop / laptop.

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