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Scoutbook divergence has started?

One of the best things about Scoutbook, when the original developers created it, was that it looked and worked the same in all browsers/devices. Why then are we moving major features out of Scoutbook (Activity logs)? The hardest thing is to get volunteers and parents to use new technology. When there is one system, it makes that easier. Now we have two different apps, multiple different web portals, with different menu/function/feel again.

I am speaking to this as an person who works with technology and while I don’t personally have an issue with new systems, you are making my groups Leader’s life harder. If BSA is going to mess up Scoutbook, no offense, I would rather go back to paper or back to a 3rd party product.

Signed - frustrated.


@KarlBelter - things are moving out of scoutbook.com to the new development stack at scoutbook.scouting.org as the code that is the core of scoutbook is more challenging to support and add feature to. It is that simple. Once all modules are created and or moved then it will be a seemless object.


I don’t want to go back to paper, but I agree with your observations. Also, now that this is really in motion, they need to keep going. I work with industrial control systems and we do migrations from one platform to another. It must all keep running during the transition. One key thing is “when you are going through heck, keep going” should be the mantra. When the transition starts, you owe it to your users to spend as little time in the “two paradigm” as you can muster. So, the clock is ticking now with activities. Even though reports went sooner, it wasn’t as impactful.


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