Limit parent from emailing whole pack

A parent emailed the entire pack unexpectedly tonight. The intentions was ok and it not inappropriate but we don’t want parents to be able to do this. Is there a way to turn off their access to do that?

I think they can only email leaders or the parents of scouts who they are connected to. Are you seeing otherwise?


Thanks for the reply. Yes the parent sent it to the while pack and I can’t see a control. The BSA 12218573 the UID 1336133

@AndrewMeyer3 - that would be done via connection manager… you would need to remove the adult connections to other scouts. Admittedly an issue I have never had to deal with.

I looked at his connections in connection manager and he appears to only have connections to leaders and his scout

@AndrewMeyer3 - connection is only possible to scouts

@AndrewMeyer3 that user is connected to tons of scouts as he used to be Cubmaster

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He was never a master or even a leader

Yeah he was @AndrewMeyer3

@AndrewMeyer3 - well the database does not lie

Looking further that is a different unit - but he is connected to scouts in your unit with View Profile - so he can email. If you take away all the view profile connections then he cannot email

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@AndrewMeyer3 - did you look at the connection manager from the unit or just the den

Ok that is helpful. I believe I see the toggle for that which is set to “on” but geyed out-ish for me indicating I don’t have access to toggle off and I tried it and confirmed I can’t with my access.

There’s no toggle. Go to the page roster page > connections manager. Click the adult’s name. Uncheck all the boxes and click set permission. That will modify the entire row other than their own children and any automatics from being an admin.


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