Scoutbook emails failing SPF/DKIM

This has happened before was reported to BSA IT ( Scoutbook emails fail SPF/DKIM ), but I’m not sure if it broke again or just never got fixed.

Currently event reminders from Scoutbook are sent from and the DKIM is saying they should be from . So this is making DKIM checks fail.

The DKIM record needs to be fixed.

SPF also could be tweaked, but from I saw, it passed. So no change required there.

Could someone put in another ticket for this?


Anyone have a contact for BSA IT?

BSA IT has been made aware of this multiple times and they have it setup how they want it is all we can say

You could ask your council to enter a ticket. If what @DonovanMcNeil says, though, it may fall on deaf ears. It is sad, though, when a volunteer knows how it should be and can’t get through.

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