Emailing issue

In regards to ongoing issues with some people getting emails from scoutbook and others not, I believe I have isolated the issue and request BSA technical staff to correct it.

Emails from scoutbook are being sent with a DKIM header, with a selector of ‘scoutbook’ and domain of ‘’. Per protocol, there should be a DNS TXT record of ‘’ with the public key of the signature. No such record exists, so many antispam solutions are blocking these emails.

Either create the appropriate DNS record (recommended) or remove the use of DKIM for sender identity verification (NOT recommended).


This was pointed out to BSA IT quite some time ago and has been brought up again many times. Still waiting to see if they will listen


I came here to find help regarding scoutbook emails. I am the membership volunteer for my pack and I have several parents who have stopped receiving scoutbook emails. My council has not responded to my request for help. Is the solution to check their spam folder?

Thank you!

@AshliNewman In Scoutbook, check the “Send Message” area.

Do any of your parents have “No Emails” listed next to their name?

There is email listed.

This is the parents member id 137412286

I was able to find it- it is listed as “No emails”. How can I change it?

The parent needs to log in to Scoutbook and go to:

Administration → My Account → Email

and switch the “Messaging Opt-Out” toggle to the off position.

@AshliNewman She should log in with her my.scouting username – not her e-mail address.

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