Scoutbook for Financials

My troops are looking to transition from using Troop Track over to using Scoutbook for Financials. I am trying to figure out where to start with this transition.

Are there any training or job aids that lead you through what needs to be done?

Also does anyone know if you can have more than 1 account for the Troop? For example keeping track of a scholarship fund separate from the primary funds.

I’ll preface things by saying that the financial tracking in Scoutbook is pretty basic, which was (per SUAC posts) the intent of the BSA.

There are a lot of help files on using Scoutbook here:

You could probably start here

for a basic outline, and do some searching in the help wiki for “Payment Logs” or other keywords that you might be looking for.

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No, it doesn’t do that. It does a pretty good job of tracking Scout accounts. But will not replace an overall unit finance tracking. We still use a spreadsheet for budget and other tracking.

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