Scoutbook having problems?

Are there recent issues with Scoutbook? I am a Scoutmaster and Unit Commissioner. As Scoutmaster I entered all Troop activities through next September. Now every entry after Feb. is gone.

As UC, my units cannot find anyone, when trying to add a registered leader to a position within the unit. Name searches and BSA ID searching all say no records found. Even if you search ‘Smith’.

@FrankRazem on the 2nd issue - if a person is in the 60 grace period for recharter they are not appearing in the search it seems - this has been reported

We get no returns on any names. Even Scouters that have been in the system for years. My own name does not show up when searching.

That is most likely cause your membership expired 12/31/21 - and your charter is not fully posted

Oh, of course. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, duh.

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