New Unit Issues

We have a new girl troop at our charter org, Troop 6226, Eagle District, Last Frontier Council.

We are having several issues:

  • The scouts are showing on the rosters for both the pack and the troop in both Scoutbook and my.scouting.

  • The Scoutmaster is on the roster in my.scouting, but not Scoutbook and does not have access to the unit in Scoutbook.

  • In my.scouting, the CC and myself keep getting a 403 error when attempting to access Invitation or Application manager. Not sure if the Scoutmaster has tried accessing that yet or not.

  • Under Organization Manager, all the Key 3 only see Reports and none of the other tools

Sounds a little like something isn’t quite done processing. Can you provide the SM’s member number (no names) so we can check why they aren’t on the scoutbook roster?

For the others, you should work with your council to have their registration in the pack ended.

I apologize for the delay in responding. Life got in the way.

Our SM’s ID is 136879139

OK SM should be fixed after 4pm CST today - Let me look at unit

Is there another BSA # in the troop?

@LaddKettren for the Scouts go through and end all pack memberships in Scoutbook.

Council MIGHT have just put end dates today in my.scouting so it might have not synced yet.

Sounds good. The errors for Application/Invitation manager are no longer happening.

I will go through and end the memberships on the pack side.

The ID number for the troop is what I show in the roster in my.scouting. I’ll check with him at meeting tonight to make sure he doesn’t have more than one. I know that got me when I switched units a while back, for some reason I ended up with three, one as a parent, one for the previous unit, and one for the old unit.

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