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Adult Leaders Not Appearing or Pending

I can’t figure out anywhere else to post my issue, so I’m trying it here as a reply? I’m probably missing the ‘new thread’ button.

We have a pretty new female troop (registered last December), but our adult roster is not all showing up (particularly me at Scoutmaster), and others are still marked ‘pending’. Our local council has said everything is fine on their end and that its a problem with National. I’ve been trying to chase down these issues for months now and I don’t know where else to turn- maybe its a problem with Scoutbook itself?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mark Bradley
SM Troop 4036

@MarkBradley - could you post a screenshot of the leader side of the roster with names blocked out ? The pending portion notes that they have not logged in to scoutbook. I would also check on your profile then positions list to see if scoutmaster is listed.

First step would be to go to my.scouting.org and look at your positions there. Is Scoutmaster listed? Under Menu do you see Troop area? Do you see Member Manager? If all 3 are yes, then send an email with your name, BSA Number, Troop Number, Council and District to Scoutbook.support@Scouting.org and they should be able to solve it for you. If the answers are no then it is your council you need to talk to first.

I have the tri-fecta, so I will send and email! :slight_smile:

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I do show up as Scoutmaster under my profile/my positions, but not on the roster.


(yes, there are two other Marks on the roster, but neither are me) :slight_smile:

@MarkBradley - in scoutbook, more specifically your profile then positions click on the scoutmaster position (I trust it is an active one) then scroll down to the check box for the I agree - check that box then click update. Also if there is a unit admin role do the same there. You can also report back what is in the notes box for either one.

I found the ‘I agree’ box, checked it, clicked ‘update’ (feel stupid for not seeing that before). Seemed to work but roster hasn’t changed. Also, I don’t see a ‘unit admin’ role anywhere (again, my powers of observation may be lax?)

Oh, and nothing in the ‘notes’ box

Have you linked your Scoutbook account using Switch SSO Profile? Are you logging in with your my.Scouting username and password?

Something else to try: Go to:

My Account -> Edit Profile

and double check your

  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Local Council
  • District
  • BSA Member #

and that they all match up with your troop’s Member Manager at my.scouting.org.

Thanks Jennifer!

Account info/profile checked and is all correct and updated. But who is my ‘Member Manager’?

Also, no idea what Switch SSO Profile is.

Member Manager is a function in my.scouting.org. A Key 3 member (Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Charter Org Rep) has access to it. This is where you can see the official roster as entered by the registrar.

In Scoutbook on My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account, there is a link for Switch SSO Profile.

Member Manager is a tool at my.scouting.org that you should be able to see and access as a Scoutmaster. When you log in, you should see it when you click on the Menu button. It should be on the menu listed under:

Troop [your troop number] - [your district name] District

OK thanks all!

Found both Member Manager (checked and all is correct) and Switch SSO Profile. I clicked to link everything, but still not change in the adult roster that I can can see. Maybe it takes time to update. I suppose since I was able to access Member Manager that I have key 3 access so I must be in the system as SM somewhere!

Ask Dawn (Troop Admin listed on the pic you posted) if she can:

  1. Go to the Troop Roster page
  2. Click on the “+ Add Leader” button
  3. Search for your name or e-mail address in the “Search For Existing User” box

and see if she can add you as Scoutmaster and Troop Admin that way.

Sometimes it also helps to log out of Scoutbook, clear your browser cache and cookies.

OK, after much fiddling and Dawn adding me as ‘Troop Admin’ from her screen I think its all solved. I feel like I need to get a merit badge for this!

Thank you all for your help!


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