Auto Update Scoutbook from Internet Advancement

I was looking over awards this morning and noticed that a conservation project doesn’t automatically update “requirements” in Scoutbook. Is this non-existent or am I missing something.

Specifically, when a scout participates in a conservation project and it is added into IA, it doesn’t show up as “completed” in Scoutbook for the World Conservation Award.



This is correct. There is not a link between the activity log and requirements. This is due to the fact that many requirements restrict how the activity is used. For example, the service hour request for First Class specifically says it must be a different service project than used for Tenderfoot and Second Class but there is no such wording for the project be used for other awards. This makes figuring out which requirements an activity can be used for. The BSA leaves it up to the unit leader to determine which requirements an activity applies to.

Sounds good, thank you!

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